Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 8.49.19 AMA few years ago… three? Four?  I actually have no idea, it has been a while.  At any rate, a few years ago, I did the 23&Me DNA test kit – actually when they were still offering it as a health tool, to try to come to a diagnosis tool on what was going on with me.  Their new website doesn’t actually allow me to pull up the information that the older website had on it for medical probability (hello, lawsuit for not doing their due diligence).  So these days, every few months, I get someone who wants to learn more about their ancestry.  It’s… weird.

My sister also did the test, so she shows up as – oddly enough – my sister.  Then I have someone who is related like they’re close family (probably from when my paternal grandfather was sleeping around) who is also showing up as a blood relative.  Most of the others are very far-out relations, third to fifth cousins.  It is interesting how we’re all connected though.  It’s also, at least to me, amusing how people who only share a percentage or less of my DNA have an interest in knowing through whom we’re connected.

I believe in the Bible, ergo – as a literal believer – I also believe that we’re all distantly related through Noah’s family to Adam and Eve, so its not like its particularly surprising that there are so many extended connections but I’ve never really felt the need to detail them out and figure out if this person is connected through my Mom’s side of the family or my Dad’s side of the family, where they came from, who they were with, or whatever.  Hell, the family tree on my Father’s side of the family is a freaking mess because of all of the sleeping around that that family partook in.  It’s just… odd.  Interesting, but odd.



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